Kuwahara Track

picked up this kuwahara track frame up the other day

came with a tange headset and has suntour dropouts.

not sure whether to keep and build up or to sell.

if i decide to build it up, might try to build up with suntour superbe groupset etc…

don’t know much about kuwahara track frames… if you have any info or any original pics, let me know :slight_smile:

nice! local find? ebay?

There’s been a few on here…



Yeh I have seen those two haha

Yeh, it was local
I bought it off my friend’s dad.

That is pretty much exactly the same as my frame. But other than that I can’t help you much.

Etomato on here knows a bit about them, as his old man brought them into the country in the early 80s (or something like that).

Nice one. Looks like it’s been looked after. Is it a 55cm?

My dad worked for Hanley Trading, or Hantrade - you still see their stickers on some bike parts. They were the importer for Maeda Industries, ie: Suntour, Dia Compe, Sakae Ringyo, and a lot of the other smaller competitors with Shimano.

Kuwahara was affiliated with that bunch, and when a rep turned up with 3 sample track frames my dad kept one. I think that was about 1980 but might be wrong. My dad hadn’t heard of any others before or since but there must have been more, since there’s been a few turn up around Sydney and Brisbane.

Here’s some photos of my modified one: Etomato Kuwahara

Given the history of Suntour vs. Shimano, I reckon it would be nice to build that up with Superbe or Superbe Pro instead of Dura Ace.
And if you want to set it up for the street, you can always get BMX parts from the Suntour/Maeda group from the same era. There’s Kuwahara branded BMX grips on ebay that are particularly good.

You did such a nice job on that bike Alex. I was gobsmacked seeing it up close.

nice find mate, why do you want to sell it? not your size? need something bigger?

Yep I’d be interested to see what you find out, I just picked up the road twin of this the other day. same paint, tubing. Except mine is a complete ron bates roadie. bought it off a man in berwick who said his son in law was nsw track champ or something, i dunno

Yeh, I was following your posts
That really is a beautiful build
Really good job

Nah, it is about the right size I think… Maybe a bit small
It’s 54cm top tube and seat tube I think
But I dunno if I will have enough money to build it up…
I still need to finish my new trick bike and my fuji track pro as well… Haha

here is a pic of it built up with a few of my bits from my raceline

if i were to build it up, i probably wouldn’t try go all original because that would be fairly costly…

It took me almost a year to build up that green one, for that reason.

beautiful frames, nice find mate.