anyone know anything about these frames?

Eyeing off a certain frame off a certain trading website hey? Colombus tubing, lugs, looks clean, not a bad price so far, I’d keep a close eye on it for sure

does is come with one of these?

Radiation makes steel stronger and lighter right?

and yes funkybunch, correct you are.

Ukranian frame I believe. Apparently they were made for the Ukranian track team back in the day - don’t hold me to this though.

A mate brought one about a year - its shmick.

I may be way off on this, but Im fairly certain that there is a particular seller on Ebay that is trying to sell rebadged soviet track frames that are essentially made from gas pipe as high end columbus etc Kvant being one of the badges hes tacking on. Just a heads up

Yeah, i did get that impression, after going through his previous sales.
Ended up not committing it.

Good stuff, would hate for anyone to get caught out like that. Its a shame really cos some of the frames look really nice, they just arent priced anywhere near what theyre actually worth