Kypo Track

Kypo Track

oh so nice, i stare at it often down at DISC on tuesdays.

possibly a bit too big…and just a tad outta my price range

2 grand!!!, fucking making some money or what, story is he got that bike and 3 sets of wheels for just over 500…

Now a BARGAIN at $1,500

he was informed last night that he was dreamin’.

haha how many people asked him about it??

think he’s gonna get fyxo to put on the website…

Radical price drop…

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should sell for that ^ for sure

now that’s good buying! someone jump on it!

750 is a fair price, imo you havnt over paid for it.

feel bad? why?
do you feel bad every time you buy anything from a store?

he got it for a steal. you got it for a good price. enjoy :slight_smile: