Kypo track


Hot damn thing is steaming.

Kypo photo spam! Rest here.

fucking hell, this just makes me so happy.

gorgeous work andy, top kypo…contendor for sure

No need to run BOTY 2012, it’s pretty much done and dusted with this thread.

Is fucken hot. Holy shit.

Pics turned out awesome dude. Cheers.
Thank god for the Croxton pokies puddle.

Agree, really nice pictures, and bike.

I think the puddles are pokies players tears?

this is sweet!

how exactly does that seatpost clamp work?
do the bolts just stick into the seatpost or is there some kind of plate inside the seattube?

This. Looks great, well done.
Amazing what good photography can do too!

@The JAMS, from changing over the seatpost, it seems as though the two bolts just press into the seatpost. There were even two indentations on the old seatpost from the bolts.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to try and get the seat post height right first go. Those bolt indents don’t buff out.

yeah, was thinking it seemed a bit of a destructive installation system.
looks the goods though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell yeh it does