The latest addition to the clan.

Look forward to seeing everybody at DISC.

I’m new to it so just go easy!

Sweet bike dude- love the satin paint job.
See you at DISC!

What’s the G.O. on the H.T. extension?

A large frame and standover clearance?

Apparently, according to Andy, from whom I procured such a fine beast…

The smaller triangle incorporating the head and seat tube extensions makes for a stiffer frame. The actual top tube length is an invisable measurement. Kinda like a compact frame.

I have also realised that without the 27.2 mm piece of tube that makes up the seat post riser, it would be impossible to run a seat post; an uncomfortable option. The cross section of the Columbus Max is eliptical.

Special thanks to Nick for a great set of hubs and rims


And as Columbus say…“This set has been designed to optimize efficiency under the demands of extreme bads”.

I know I wouldn’t ride anything that couldn’t stand up to extreme bads. Maybe even super double extreme bads.