all the cool parts you would put on a tarck bike built for street tarck

fuckin nice man! :-o looks hella street

gypsy saw you are going to acmc siked

this thing is mean

NIce, love those MAX Kypos - there was a big 60cm (or so) unit looked a lot like it this one that I missed on ebay a few years ago, sold by a bloke down near Frankston it went for a crazy low price. I Later tried to track it down to no avail - IIRC that one had a crazy long head tube extension.

Cale I like your bike, and I also like your house.

Looks tuff, I like it.

nice helmet :smiley:

no shit that house is amazing i already told those boys i want in when i move back to melbs

loving that your saying tuff, just re read the ‘outsiders’ a month or 2 ago and tried get this going but no one else wanted to play along

are (were) they the high polish wheels you bought off me?

yeah powdah they are the ones i bought off you… i may have got them a bit dirty

hmmm just a bit dude… at least they’re still running.

they are running perfectly fine, its just a bit of dirt and grime…

My friend would approve

Next step…

Hot shit Cale!

Now you just need to get some brakes and gears to match the rack for those heavy loads… o wait when you are just using it to carry one envelope at a time I guess it does not matter …ha

nice Tofu rack

haha one envelope at a time… pretty much has been that way this week. school holidays i guess.

its okay without a brake, but not very practical… im probably swapping the fork over to i can run a brake or just putting it on my concorde roadie

That’s such a great pic! Bike looks rad Cale.