La Course Tour de France night on Sunday 27th!

As mentioned here: , two friends of FOA have been selected to race in Europe, but need to raise some funds in order to do so. And you can help! All you have to do is come along to the Castle Hotel in North Melbourne on Sunday, for a night of hilarity, heckling, irreverent shenanigans and maybe some bike racing on the big screen.

There’s no FOA Tour de France night this year, but this will be just as awesome. Trust me on this. I’m going to be interviewing two bike messengers who have never won an alleycat (but might have won some other races here and there)! We’ll heckle the race and make fun of Phil and Paul. We’ll make a huge bike pile out the front of the pub! We’ll try to get some serious athletes from the VIS to dink us to the 7-11 for munchies! Nik Cee will try to convince everyone that cyclocross is more interesting than road racing! Blakey will suggest that everyone in the tour should ride with 32mm tyres! Laura and Ally will wear matching clothes! Hamish will be handsome! We’ll watch the women’s race, which promises to be more hard-fought than the Tour, which will almost definitely be decided by then! We’ll drink too much coffee and get all jittery! And the next day at work, we’ll regret everything.

Check out the facebook group here: La Course: by Le Tour de France

Get on board! FOA swarm!

Feckin nightshift. Please 'gram it.

James Kent & BB ProTour race commentary? Please get the old gang back together!