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LADIES VINTAGE HEALING PISTA TRACK BIKE FRAME fixie - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 12-Oct-10 20:00:28 AEDST)

Track ends does not a track bike make. FFS I’m so over seeing everything pre-50’s be listed as a track bike because it has rearward facing dropouts.

Mrs Ant would love it, but I’m not going to show her. I never thought I’d say it but we have too many bikes at the moment.

Yeah I didn’t believe it to be a track otherwise that’s make every Skidstar a track frame too!
I might still try to buy it though. It’s make a sick trick bike once I fit it out with some Chukkers!!

You realize if she reads this it’s the death of you … I’m quoting you because I might bid on one of your De Rosa’s when it hit eBay :wink: <evil>

I’ve been doing a stock take today so will be offloading some stuff soon. Nothing good though, especially not a set of 1st Gen Campy Track hubs. Far out man those things are mint!!!

Back to the OP, I couldn’t help but post a question:

[i]Q: Hi, I am looking to build a bike for my wife to use out at Chandler velodrome and was wondering if this would be suitable? You have mentioned that it is a track bike so I assume it will be appropriate for racing use.

A: The frame has horizontal track dropouts and has tight geometry like a any other track bike so it would be appropriate to race. Please keep in mind that it is a very old frame, so I’m not exactly sure how well it would race. I guess it depends what your after. Cheers[/i]

I probably shoulda sold my Holland (Bates) loop frame for more than $15 last week. It too, was a so-called track bike :smiley:

Then again, at least it’s not cluttering up the backyard anymore.

Brilliant !!

In saying that I’m expecting it to pop up in the help forum in about a week “So I bought this ladies vintage track bike …


Pretty cheap.

Not really, it’s a crappy frame with bolted on stays.