Ladies' saddle

I’m building a commuter/shopping bike for my wife based on a Giant hybrid. She hasn’t ridden a bike for many years, and I want to build her something she’ll really want to use. That means a bike that she’ll be comfortable with.

I quickly fixed up the bike enough for her to test ride it — so I could check the frame fit, and decide what bars & stem to use. The test ride went well. The only problem is that she says the original saddle is really uncomfortable.

I know nothing about ladies’ saddles. Can anyone recommend an affordable ladies’ saddle that some/most women find comfortable?

I want to get my wife something that is comfortable, rather than something that just looks comfortable.

Thanks v. much.

PS - I did search the site, but I couldn’t find any relevant posts.

Brooks B-18 or a B-67 are a great ‘Lady’ saddle. it does need a little breaking in but that doesnt take as long a you’d think and they are comfortable to start with anyway.

Her ass is going to hurt no matter what saddle you buy her just beacause she hasnt ridden in a while.


Also it will last forever and if she doesnt like riding, the Resale value is really good on Brooks saddles.

My GF uses one of these, and finds it the most comfortable of several other saddles she tried. Also on a more upright commuter style bike.

Charge Ladle is good value and shorter & wider than the male Spoon.

Selle Italia Ldy is another option.

But Shortsie is on the money that all saddles will feel like hatchets initially if she hasn’t ridden for years.

My lady has a Brooks B-17 on each of her bikes, she wont touch any other saddles

Check out specialized too, you can also borrow their test saddles and have a try, they have female specific saddles

if she doesnt want a big padded thing, find one of those ones with the slits in the middle… that should do it.

I also recommend checking out the Specialized saddles. After testing a couple I worked out the model that works for me. There are a range of widths and saddles with different amounts of padding. Prior to that I used the Selle Italia Ldy which was also okay.

Gel Turbos are good if you can find them.

After trying a ladies Brooks (B17s) Mrs. Spirito told me she won’t let me touch her unless I replaced the saddle immediately.

Like us, chicks are all different and unfortunately the right saddle for some is the wrong saddle for others.

I’m sure there’s like heaps of songs about why money is better to have than women, right?
‘Rather taste the green than sip the honey’
Or maybe that’s weed.

My better half has 2x Fizik’s. One is a Vesta and the other a Vitesse. Both from Wiggle and in her words “the best thing she’s ever bought for a bike”

Hey Markee - I realise this post is old, but was/is she using the Fizik saddles on a fixed or on a road bike?
We’re looking at the Vesta atm n can only really find info on it being used on a roadie. So starting to think the more upright position of her fixed might not be so suited to this saddle. .

She has them both on fixed bikes. Not sure though, which one is on her commuter.

Thanks :slight_smile: Might just get one n if it doesn’t feel right - well tuff ha