Ladies Saddles? Know someone with a good one to recommend?


So does anyone have a good women’s saddle or knows someone with a good one that they’d recommend? I’m new here and I’m really hoping there are some other female riders around these forums or anyone whose girlfriend has some ideas or can lend a hand.

I’ve been riding with a Selle SMP for about 8 months but it’s gotten a bit destroyed from braking etc. so I want something that’ll last a bit longer. Had some bad experiences and need to get good one, looking at spending up to $250. I want a pretty wide one with a hole. For riding fixed in a pretty low position.

Anyone tried a Specialized Oura, or any of Terry’s or Rivet’s? Any other recommendations?


Had success with putting women on Oura’s previously, sounds like it could possibly suit you. They come in several widths so you should be able to find one to support your sit bones correctly. Drop into a dealer and have them sort you out for fit and test ride. You won’t need to spend anywhere near $250 either.

If the SMP was really good it might be worth hunting down another, I’ve tried a couple and found them to be super for myself (moderate saddle to bar drop).

Lots of ladies I know can recommend the Oura and also the Ruby.

My wife has a San Marco “Diva” gel flow on her roadie. It’s bit a dorky but she finds it very comfortable. But she doesn’t run any saddle to bar drop, so I can’t really comment on what the nose is like in a low position. | Selle Italia Ladies Diva Gel Flow Saddle | Performance Saddles

this. don’t drop anywhere near that much money until you’ve had a test ride. preferably over a coupla days.

And don’t listen to other people’s arses. They’re like opinions. All different.


My wife has had x2 Selle Italia Lady Gel Flow saddles. Dubious name but her preferred saddle nevertheless. She’s also had a Brooks B17S Special but found it okay but a bit too firm.She absolutely hated the Selle San Marco Rolls and Cinelli Leather Unicantor that came on a couple of her old bikes.

Blakey’s right but the Gel Flow is worth consideration.

^ Yes, mine likes the Selle Italia ‘Diva’ Gel one

My gf rides the Oura and loves it. Specialized has a saddle test program, meaning you can ride it for a few weeks without really buying it and then try another one or pay for it or go on…you know what I mean. I think its really cool and the way to go. Thats what my gf did after having a lot of problems. The second one she tried, the Oura, made it for her and shes happy ever after.