Lance Armstrong opening bike shop in Austin

Not the kind of shop that I thought LA would open, but good on him!

"Showers and a locker room will allow commuters who don’t have facilities at their offices to ride downtown, store their bikes at the shop, bathe and catch a ride on a pedicab or walk the rest of the way to work.

Armstrong, who still remembers being a trifle intimidated when he walked into a bike shop as a kid, wants to make sure that doesn’t happen to customers here. He said he’d rather encourage rookies to start riding than sell a faster bike to a veteran cyclist.

“If you’re a commuter, you’re just as important to us as the state champion on a road bike,” Knaggs said.

“Potentially, more important,” Armstrong added. "

My money says he opens a chain of these.

Franchised Armstrong bicycles stores.

By the sounds of it though, I don’t think that would be a bad thing, at all.

So with Ashley Olsen behind the counter? She would have to be just old enough to avoid child labour laws. Maybe George W Bush could run the workshop, considering he will be out of a job come November since their great mates. I always hopped Lance would be a democrat, but hey we all have an evil side.

A good thing!!!
Whens he going to run for president.
Do you think he could take on Arnie???

Wasn’t there a rumor he was being touted as a possible Republican candidate for the Texas Governor? I always thought a Texan Republican was more of your 10 gallon hat wearing, SUV driving oil magnate sort of bloke not some lycra clad pedal pusher. At least he can prove he’s been overseas before taking office, unlike his mate G.W. Bush.

Probably not the right forum to be discussing Lance’s political inclinations.