Lance in Oz, now

I think Lance should be cordially invited to this weeks Sat morning fixed ride.

bet you hes a fucking half-wheeler

i don’t know what he is, but he’s got a sweet ride:


WOW, great collection of photos if you keep digging.

The dude is nuts.

yeah, follow his twitter feed - he’s f*cking incredible.

as if we didn’t know that already. but really, his twitter stream is an incredible insight into his life, which is as amazing as his riding.

note the strange numbers on the frame - turns out they have a meaning: ‘1274’ is the number of days w/o a pro race. the ‘27.5’ (million) is the number of people globally who have passed away from cancer in that time.

motivation stuck right onto the frame.

Just pretend he’s riding with you guys.

so he’s racing/raced in a 50km crit today, will that be on SBS at 11:20pm? it just says tour down under highlights. but the tourstarts tues, so there should be no highlights for it yet.

Mike Tomalaris is in fine form:

Referring to Radelaide: “Without putting a fine a point on it, this is the cycling capital of the universe”

And on Lance’s return: “And who would have thought, that in 2005, Lance would make Adelaide, his home, for the return.”

Footage covers the 51km Cancer Council Classic.

i’m already thinking we’re gonna hear the phrase ‘yellow and black are the warning colours in the jungle’ a lot over the next season…

I was there last night. Briefly saw Lance race. Saw lots of randoms that wanted to see Lance, and that’s it.

All in all, it was a good night.

I was in town on Sunday and managed to see him completely by chance. After parking the car and walking past the Hilton and towards the Asian grocer to do some shopping, Lance came out of the hotel only to be pretty much surrounded by people who came out of nowhere (photographers and annoying people trying to get an autograph). I pretty much got knocked over by someone running towards him :roll:

sure he would be used to it now, but I still feel sorry for a guy who cant even get a few minutes peace and quiet when he wants to go for a ride around the block on his own. He definitely wasn’t rude to anyone, quite the opposite in fact, just seemed really bummed out about not being able to make a sneaky exit without being spotted by a bunch of people.