Lance & McEwen twitter ride Brisbane

.Hey @mcewenrobbie, how 'bout a Twitter ride in Brisbane?

.@lancearmstrong I think a Twitter ride in Brisbane would go down very well. Show our support for Qld. Let’s do it!

Anyone else instantly think of doing what they did in this video with him??

Thats just my idea


Its not exactly a twitter ride… Its now a charity event, $50 donation to participate .

News Queensland presents Queensland Ride Relief with Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen | Courier Mail

anyone doing it?

yeah i might jump on.

Yep I’m a bit keen on the idea and might be able to swing it with work.

Dave and I are all signed up. We’re getting to the RNA a bring after 9 if anyone else is riding.

Flying back today so just miss it. Shame, I was definitely going to try to get Robbie to sign a wondersuit for Miss Ant.

Was a good ride, I did it on Peugeot geared bike (too soft I know) met a few guys there, Ben - riding a nice looking fixie - we all had a chat while we stood around in the only shade waiting to get rolling.

Had a great ride nice to head through the valley out across story bridge with it all shut to traffic.

Hope everyone went well


pretty sure you are in the lance video on the cm site:
Queensland News | Latest QLD News | Courier Mail

cool, I wondered what that guy was going on about, he was doing running commentary as well & pissing me off.
I thourght je was talking to himself.
I stayed out of trouble & in the front 40 odd. Though there was 2 nasty accidents, before the bridge,
bars touching getting tangled up jostling for position, wheels touching & some dudes thigh bumping in the side of my bars.