Land Rover Ad- Fixed Gear Alert!

Another fixed gear in this ‘Location Scout’ Land Rover Discovery 3 Ad:

Can anyone guess what the bike is? :slight_smile:


looks like a swobo to me too :smiley:

It’s funny how fixed gear bikes seem to be used frequently in ads to represent the hip, cool designer crowd… oh wait that’s virtually everyone on this forum haha!! (except for CraigC, and I wouldn’t even try to guess what he does for a living… :evil:)

If i had a dollar for every time a land/range rover that has cut me off whilst ‘picking the kids up from school’ or ‘doing the shopping’ I could almost buy one.

Kinda of ironic then when your bike sitting in their ad huh? :roll:

He hates engineers for a living.

the point exaaaaaaactly.

Far too many in (Far)Kew

Haha, I saw this ad the other day.

But yeah… 4WD + lady drivers (well, mums) = trouble.

just spotted one on a Ford Fiesta ad.
so subtle…

Are you referring to this ad:

You’re right, it IS subtle!

FFS, in every ad so far, none of the bikes are ridden, they’re just NJS walking, or a fashion accessory on the background. haha maybe the advertising industry understands that nobody actually rides their bike! :evil:

Actually just watched the end- double whammy, but again no been ridden again meh:

And maybe they’re subliminally telling us something…

I think I’ve seen one in an add for eclipse mints I think it was, but you don’t really see enough to be decisive. could just be an old roadie, who knows…

nah, thats a fully fledged NJS walker in that ad…

Anyone with one of those massive cars = trouble on the road, Should be illegal to drive one without a real reason…

Recon those poor bike’s in the ad ever get ridden? or just thrown into storage for the next “spontaneous” st shot

I disagree, the cranks weren’t turning while he was walking it. Will dig up the screencaps.

njs freewheel?

It’s cause fixed’s are too hard man, look at the fucking Duffy / Pepsi commercial, total pseudo fixed, but it’s a SS.

But in all seriousness, even if it’s not fixed, I think it’s based on those cool bikes that all teh kool messengereres ride around da city on.

How things change- I can’t imagine ads 10 years ago representing ‘cool youth’ by getting a bearded guy with scruffy clothes to wheel his bicycle onto the ad. Ya fucking student!

Coaster Brakes, making kids look cool since 2009.

Yeah, it’s be some guy on a skateboard.

Or breakdancing.