landed in Perth. Trying to hit roads ASAP!

Hi guys and ladies.
Arrived in Pert,WA. First thing I noticed, the roads are perfect. Instant need for fixie launched into my mind. Going to stay on William street until I find a place to stay longer. Already spotted many fixies.

I will be very thankful, if anyone suggests me good shops or roads or bikes for sale.

Best Wishes to you all.

Gumtree for second hand bikes.

Facebook, join bike jam for rides/general chit chat.

Elite Cycles on Beaufort St, Northbridge has a solid range of off-the-shelf stuff. Not cheap though.

Hi guys.
Almost where lucky to get on the road today.
Got some wheels and a bike.
But didnt have tyres yet.

Anyone can suggest me, where to get nice tyres for fixie wheelset, with reasonable price.


Any bike shop.

So helpful. Thank you genius :smiley:

Makes sense to me. If you want tyres now, go to a bike shop.
If you want tyres later at a sensible price, buy online.

Maxxis detonator shouldnt be any more than $20-25 each at a bike shop. About as cheap and cheerful as you will get.

Otherwise, as avymetal said, online.

Look for something with at least 80 gear inches.


considering your new, acting like a douche is not recommended.

Got the tubes and tires on eBay. 25$ for all package. Now looking for a stem and handlebar.

Try ebay maybe?

wtf is this thread?

Someone who wants a to get a bike rolling ASAP, but doesn’t want to buy anything at a store in Perth and would rather order on the internet and wait.

asks advice then doesn’t take it. chump.

Sry mates. I found couple of stores. One is called Reid and the father one is located at Riverdale. I try to visit both of them.

hang on, tyres and tubes for $25? Bet there’s some Kwality there.

edit: hope it’s these ones.

My LBS charges $12-15 for a tube! Then again, Vegemite is more expensive at my local as well.

Can’t tell the quality before I pick them up.