LandShark - Time Shark 56cm

if you don’t know, now you know… n****

Land Shark Aero TIME TRIAL/ Pursuit TRACK Bike Frame 56 cm Fillet Brazed | eBay

i like this.

I don’t get LandShark’s.
Aren’t they just loud paint jobs on tri bikes?
Happy to be corrected.

Fashion and cool factor over rides everything man.

For the record I think these frames/bikes are cool too, but wouldn’t shell out the $$$$ that they fetch for one.




Built and painted by a one man team, he has built some very nice bikes over the years for good riders and famous people. Paint is everything.

I put them up there with Cyclops from Canada

Cyclops Track Frame | Velocult

some very nice fillet brazing on land sharks. they are just cool.

paint. fillet brazing. mainly the paint.

Land shark paintjobs are only out-uglied by 90’s Colnagos

Damn straight. Mine is on the subtler side of LS paintjobs but is still rad all round. Flies under most people’s radars.

John is only building in carbon now, so there are no more steel sharks being made.

got pics of yours up here somewhere blakey?