Langdale Columbus Syd

Langdale Columbus SLX new tubing track, pista steel frame 57 bike | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Pittwater Area - Avalon

Its on ebay as well, might get it cheaper this way.

Whoa! Hot!

Someone should snag this quick … and get some nun chucks whilst you’re there.

Pretty much my size, Was waiting for something like this to pop up. Just my luck it came up just after I decided to buy something ots

i’m looking for a 57cm steel track too! snap it up rowan. i’ll wait for the next one. the s-works langster is good but i think i really prefer decent steel.

sooooo nice…

i do believe you have talked me into it. i’ll watch it on ebay though. hopefully someone else wants it more than me. but you should grab it vaeske

If anyone needs it picked up/held, I’m 20 minutes away from this.

don’t think i can afford anymore, just picked up a van workhoven for noosa l’eroica. :frowning:

This disappeared from eBay and gumtree last night, assume someone grabbed it