Langster Comp

I just put my money down on a new <a href=“”>Langster Comp</a> - it is way beyond my capabilities but at 40% off at Fitzroy cycles and my bonus from work burning a hole in my pocket I couldn’t say no!

It is my first fixed bike and I am only just starting to get into track so I am a complete newbie, but I enjoy myriding and I hope that having a correct bike fit will help me enjoy track more as the fit I have had on the club bikes have been frustrating

I am getting a female specific saddle and will put my SPD pedals on when I get it - I might put up more photos once I get it on Friday/Saturday :smiley:

Ah, a big congrats!

I’ve only recently picked up my '07 Langster, great ride.

Have fun,

Mine is a 06 model in Silver, but either way the bike is still far better than the legs, but it gives me something to work towards :smiley:

Are you happy with your 07??

Hey just wondering how much are they???

The 06 RRP is ~$1800 but if Fitzroy cycles have your size, then this weekend it will be at just under $1100 :smiley:

AWESOMe just emailed them…hopfully they have my size…finger crossed*

My '07 cost me $899. Set up is more for fixed road - road bars, brakes.

Its a clear finish aluminium, with carbon forks and seat post, black sugino cranks.

Awesome to ride, and vee_dub, you can get 'm in Sydney too!

whats the difference between a basic langster and this langster comp?

if it has better components, sounds like a good deal considering that the basic langster is selling for 1thousand as well


Not sure what the difference is in spec, could be just the different year model and name, I’m guessing tho.

I do know that the '08 model comes into Sydney in late November if people can wait!

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Good thing it was on sale eh?

There is a difference in frame geometry between the Langster and the Langster Comp. The Langster is more for street riding and while it comes with a flip flop hub to go to fixed from SS, it is recommended not to use it at DISC. The Comp also comes with better bits :smiley: </technical> :wink:

fairy-nuff then, hadn’t thought about riding it down at DISC, bit of a long drive for a one night session from Sydney!!!

Le Tour in Ringwood have them an Avanti pista’s on special

my local bike shop had the street langster 2008 in ‘city’ guise, with the ‘london’ paintjob which comprises red and blue on a white frame, along with various silhouettes of london landmarks. it was pretty strange

the London Langster looks great.
there’s other country paint jobs to come, Italy is on it’s way i’m told

Pride of place on the couch! :smiley: :smiley:

It has Sugino 75 cranks and came with a 48-16. The saddle in that photo isn’t the one I am getting, they just didn’t have any of the one I have ordered in black, only white… err pass! I am happy to wait a month! The pedal’s are also the ones off my road bike, I should have my PBK delivery of my silver SPD’s Monday or Tuesday.

I haven’t had the time to ride it yet, been too busy and I will find out tomorrow if I can use the specialized pro mondo tyres at DISC or not… im tipping not :frowning: The new Veloflex Record tyres though will be inthe same delivery as the SPD pedals.

If the tyres have silica in the compound they might be a bit slippery.

Otherwise you should be fine.

Very very sexy unfortunately fitcycle…wouldnt give me the same discount…oh well i missed out.

Snowflake, I have no idea what the compound of the tyres are but I was told they were ok :smiley: Well, at least they were after being attacked with some sandpaper :slight_smile:

I rode it this morning at DISC and it was very very nice to ride :smiley: I am very glad I bought the bike and it’s only going to be even better when I get my saddle on the bike :smiley:

Good stuff. Sometimes the tyre label mentions silica, sometimes not.

But obviously you went OK this morning so they must do the job.

Did you get high up next the rails to enjoy the view?