Lapa roll Tuesday 16th...

Any one wana do a lapas roll tomorrow night 16th fEb

6.30 pm bondi junction mall ( bEgining of the old mall)
bring what you want, will be a fast roll!!!

I was planning to hit the hills.

trying to be more fixed friendly…
I’m down with hills

im up for something tonight let me know what it is and i will be ther

i have to go to dinner tonight with my friend whos leaving town on friday morning…

that wind is a bitch out there… and it’s coming from all directions …

not much fun!

sorry guys to pull the pin… gota be a good friend.

ok thats cool i mite just do some laps of centennial park then

Im up for that… What time?

im done work at 5:30 so i can be the by about 6:15


I did hills. Wind was fucked… worst I’ve had heading to LaPa.

had a good roll in the park with brad
6 laps ish and 29.5 kph av speed…
Pushing hard over the hill was fun…

Now in at golden century…

that’s was a fun ride to get back into thing. had a lot of fun zac.

sorry i was going to spell it with a k

k for kunt

someone had to say it.