Lapas and tapas 2013 edition!

Thinking about a hoon down to lapas tonight. 7.30ish from the old mall in Bondi junction like the good old days back via randwick for a beer and a quick bite…

Could be down for this

Chur Dan, one way or another we should do this every now and then. Try and get Gus involved he’s complaining about lack of sleep or sumthing…
My number is 0416two1nine17four

Sick, I’ll talk to bob, eirlie etc too. Also, casual attire or mid 90s skinsuits?

If your fixed then cut off jeans and an ironic t shirt, roady then 90s skin suit for sure

Looks like a nice night for this mission!

Ill be there I think.

*90’s skin suit

Kool as ice! I’ll txt you bob if I’m running late and you can txt Dan.

How did ya go with changing Gus’s mind?

ohhhhh cant you do it tomorrow night? :frowning:

Tomorrow night is summer series race night!!

ah yeah! actually i might come down straight after work

Good ride thanks for the company Boyz

I like this rule.

When’s the next addition kanye?

monday or Thursday next week:?

Looking forward to getting in on this when I get back, I’ll gee troy up to come along too. Might even buy a new sw8 fixxie to get in on the action.

Whoops, by addition I meant edition :confused: can we lock next monday in? when do you get back Rhys?

Late April at the earliest. Will be good to spend anzac day with some brass on my chest :slight_smile:

That would be sweet Rhys, I’d say roadies would be better though.
We did a lap of heffy on the way out last time which could get a bit hairy on a sweet fixie
I’m good with Monday if the others are