lasco cranks


does anyone know if lasco cranks are any good? i don’t need anything too strong but wanna know if these are cheap and nasty? really don’t wanna fork out the cash only to find out they’re shit. :?

abbotsford cycles in richmond have them as do a few other bike stores i’ve checked out so they seem kinda popular.

has anyone got a set or had any problems?

they look like this


Ive got a black set of these on one of my fixies & it seems good to me. Never had any problems with it, seems stong, smooth & pedals well.

Came with one of those “original” chainrings also but that was crap, it bent on the first ride so stay away from them. I put a surly 46t chainring on it instead & has been flawless since.

Seems like for the price ($100ish) its quite a solid choice.

ah ok cool, thanks mate

seems the lasco cranks and original chainring are being sold at heaps of places as a set but i’ll see what i can do in terms of using a different chainring. whereabouts did u get the surly chainring from?

cheers for letting me know, appreciate it.

Lasco’s Law #1: the ‘goodness’ of any item is directly proportional to the [number of pictures of it in Google Image Search]( cranks).

I picked up the cranks from iride, who were also selling them without the chainring.

Got the surly from BSC on elizabeth st, was about $100, only got it from there as they were the only lbs in cbd who had a 46t when i was searching.

cool, thanks for the info.

got my lbs to call around for a better quality chainring that’ll fit the cranks and waiting to hear back from them. just got the electricity bill though so we’ll see how much they are!!