Last minute MTB - MEL

After the Saturday ride today I’m keen to ride some more. So I’m gonna go ride my mtb.

Anyone up for an early morning blast around the You Yangs tomorrow? I’ll be heading down around 7:30 am, have space for 1 extra person with bike in the car.

Nothing too serious, probably about 30 k’s or so around the plantation trails.

Damn I’ve been super keen for an MTB jaunt lately, pity I haven’t got my bike down here and time to get out bush :cry:

Great morning to be on the trails, not too hot, no sun to speak of…



Ack! I always see these things too late.

I’ll be doing the same ride next weekend aswell I think.

Anyone have a large MTB they can lend me for a day? :slight_smile:

You could borrow this blokes…