Lazer Cutter

Hey Guys got these out of the Work shop today

Gunna see how small i can go with the lazer cutter

If you have any designs for me to try post them up

Adrian they are as cool as!!
I’ll take one!!

FOA keyrings???

Wow, you can cut money! Hang on…


yes $1 each

cut them out of red plastic, put a chain on them and sell them for $40 at the next design market.

you’re selling 50 cent pieces for a dollar?


^ Sucker. I would have paid $1.50.


Have just been wrapped over the knuckles for wasting the workshops precious time… Sh@t

No longer allowed near the lazer cutting machine

Will have to wait for him to go home…

Just thinking an NJS logo would look pretty cool laser-cut…
Nice work!

^ +1 on that

Dubrat — I really like your tiny bikes. I reckon its bloody good use of the laser cutter, regardless of what your boss says. I also think the tiny bikes might sell really well as earrings. However, I think you should use something other than coins. The Royal Australian Mint is likely to view your artwork as an act of ‘defacing currency’ (bloody critics!). Section 16 of the [i]Crimes (Currency) Act /i 1981 states that you commit a crime if you “intentionally deface, disfigure, mutilate or destroy any coin or paper money that is lawfully current in Australia” without the written consent of the Treasurer, or a person who has been authorised by the Treasurer. The prescribed penalty for that crime for people is “$5,000 or imprisonment for 2 years, or both” (there’s a separate penalty for companies).

HAHA I didnt use the coin its just there to guage the size…

cheers for the heads up tho…

Make crazy chain rings and cranks.
Go to town with drillium.

Seriously, that would be pretty rad. Small sprockets or chainrings would rule too.

What materials can your laser cutter actually cut?

it’s a good dam laser cutter what can’t it cut!!!

Don’t know much about the specifics of the lazer cutter… Its the smallest part of what the company I work for does…

Dubrat - Pentabike for me pls!

Also my partner is a jeweller and we’re keen to find someone to cut similar small items from silver, something you’d be interested in?

You seriously thought he was cutting money?

HMC is gonna be sooooo pissed…