Lazy listed Lemond road Bike

Given the half ass listing, I’d hit this guy up and make him a good offer and schnapps this up if I lived local.

Enquired. Could be good first roadie for the GF.

good luck droz, that thing looks bloody nice


That’s super clean, jealous of whoever gets it!

yeah, that looks rad.

The response:

"R u trying to screw me? How about topping up with some more of your cash?
Balmoralrag "

…So no, no low balling allowed. This will probably go for a fair bit considering the bidding activity.

^^hahaha. I was just about to offer him 250, however the response you got and the current bid has got me second guessing

So he knows its worth a little coin but CBF putting in details to possibly enhance any coin he could get? Douche.

Ouch! What a cranky pants. He spent more time in his angry response than in his listing! Haha

That seat post doesn’t look like the guy knows what he has. Its a weird listing. I would question the history of this frame given scant details and that this guys sounds like a knob etc. Then again might be fine.

I mean that said I offered him $100 bucks and to pick it up that evening so maybe I’m the asshole.

This is funny, I offered him $200 yesterday morning and said I was already on the way to pick it up… Got no response!

Haha yeah they’re both bad offers!

Someone must’ve made a reasonable offer…

Yeah i got a cancellation email too.