Le Tour 2013...anyone excited or interested this year?

So after the Lance debacle is anyone getting excited about this happening?

I watch it for the castles and cinematography now anyway so I’m hyped.

Nope - no excitement from me at all…
I’ve never been one to watch sport, especially cycling.
I ride, that’s it, that’s my only interest in cycling.
I’ve always been of the opinion that competitive cycling is all a bunch of wank.
The only competitive cycling I’d ever be associated with is track, and even then I’d only dabble for the fun of it.

I have a boner over the TDF. Of course I will be watching.

Yep with Lance permanently gone the TDF will be great to watch again.

What Ezylee said. But then, I love watching all sports.

Sagan wheeling over the finish line a couple more times will be fun.

Interested in the sprinters jersey comp this year. Cav is gonna see some serious challenges for it,and he will be hungry after last years team sky shafting.

“I reckon there will be some guys on bikes riding over some hills. someone will end up with a colourful jersey and some will fall off.”


I’m already accruing brownie points from the misses so i can watch every stage guilt free!

Im in it for the falling off and the mountains. Sprint stages dont do it for me.

came here to say this.

thoughts on bum chin? should he be supported or a supporter?

there will definitely be an upset at some point.

And they will at times go very fast, and at times very slow. It’s all about the gradients.


I got you!

I’m keen. Been watching a lot more cycling of late, GO THE BREAK AWAY! Castles are OK too I suppose.

I’m just in it for the sleep deprivation & scotch on the couch under the doona.

oh, and coz it’s awesome.

P a n a c h e ! ! !

Ill be hoping he bins it into a fence. Hard.

I’m still excited. I will be having a screening in the backyard on the IGA cinema wall. Beers will also be had. Fun times ahead.