Le Tour de France 2011.

Very very seriously considering following the tour around next year. Wondering if anyone here has experience in doing so.

I’d be looking to team up with some other followers and possibly follow the tour in a rented camper or similar.
Not sure if I should try to book hotels for the nights, it seems that using the camper van would be easier.
Tours are charging in excess of $5k for 15 nights accommodation and travel around.
Budget is flexible but, obviously, the cheaper the better.

If anyone can lend some experience and advice, it would be appreciated.

On the list to do in the near future but not for 2011. Had 2 groups of mates who did the Tour last year on organised tours - one of them got a “2for1” last minute deal to the Pyrennees which worked out at about $2000k each for about 8-10days plus flights. They found it in the paper about a fortnight before the Tour.

A deal like that might be a price competitive way to go for your first one.