Le Tour de Sydeny...Now Breakfast Ride 4/8/07

[Edit]: See last post…

I know there are not many Sydney based riders on here but just in case:

To celebrate the final stages of Le Tour de France I present Le Tour de Sydeny [sic].

A social stage based ride around Sydney’s East, South, West and North.

Stage 1: 10:00-10:30 Martin Place to Centennial Park

A short warm up. Riders will depart Martin Place GPO and follow Oxford Street through Paddington and finish with a lap of Centennial park. Finishing at the cafe.

Stage 2: 10:30-12:30 Centennial Park to Olympic Park

The long flat stage. Rider will head south to Mascott. They will then follow the Cooks River to Olympic Park. Finishing at the water feature opposite Subway at the centre of Olympic Park

Stage 3: 12:30-2:00 Centennial Park to Pyrmont Park

Short and punchy. Riders will leave Olympic park via the wetlands to the north heading to Rhodes and then following the water line back to the city via the ANZAC Bridge.

Stage 4: 2:00-3:15 Pyrmont Park-Martin Place

The Mountain Stage. Riders will head North over the harbour bridge and head to the Spit via Bantry Bay, and returning straight to the city to finish at Martin Place.


This is not a race. Riders may ride the stages at their own pace within the time limits. Race or cruise, ride by yourself or with the bunch, it is up to you.

Take any bike, xc bikes/commuters/road bikes are recommended, I am riding fixed.

The route is a rough guideline based on these bike paths:

Navigation is up to the individual. The starts and finishes are the times to regroup.

Bring food or buy it on the way, your call.

Showers, it will be on, rain, it will not be on.

Any of this may change due to circumstances on the day.


New to fixed, and like you, a Sydney sider. Just picked my new fixie/single speeder on the weekend and I have to say its a bummer a missed “Le Tour”.

I’m just warming back to road after many years off from racing, doing it now more for fitness and social reasons, helps fitness wise with my other sport, downhill mtb.

Any way, throw a message out if there’s any more rides like this coming up and may see you out there.


G’day sydney fix’d rider here also I missed the ride, bugga, when’s the next one?


It is short notice but we will be riding at 7:00am tomorrow, meeting at Martin Place GPO for the Breakfast Ride.

What’s that? A semi-regular fixes/ss Sydney ride to a mystery location (Read: decide on the morning) and return for breakfast.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, it should be on next week.


Hey, downer!!! I missed it, only checked on this arvo. How serious is everyone on the ride, lycra/no lycra, fixies SS brakes etc?


P.S. pics of my new stead are on the way…