Le Trajet De Bicyclette

has anyone heard about this? i know its same day as robaix, so i doubt there will be much of a turnout.
just wondering if anyone knows who these people are? its called ‘Le Trajet De Bicyclette’ and who ever
organised it has about as gooder date choice for an event as myself (with Sprintin’)

friends of mind inc.

gooder date choice

erm, what?
Also, I won’t be attending said event.

my bad jesus, i dont think ill be or anyone else will be attending either haha

Somehow I think the target audience for this event will not be the kind that enjoys climbing steep cobbled laneways.

lol, jesus. Friends caught me out using the fake name ‘dicktits mcDylan’ yesterday. Fake internet names rule.

dicktits mcDylan… very inventive!

Very stupid, one may argue.

somehow i totally agree!