leader,, any one seen these????

any thoughts, what would you pick out of these 3??
and yes i realise you guys have probably seen these before but help a boy out




im doing a build to take traveling next year ethier the states or europe so i want somthing that will take getting thrown off and on a plane, with out worring about somthing super expencive getting scratched for my dodgy style of riding and the amount of abuse i wll throw at it

i’d go the raw leader out of those three

but as long as you ride topless in jeans and a stupid hat like in the first one, you’ll be fine…

if you’ve got time to hunt, how bout waiting for an aussie steel track frame to pop up? something decent but maybe a bit beaten so its not too pricey, i think its nice to rep on an aussie frame when travelling. i took a hillman to tokyo, and was able to get decent money for it on a trade in because to them it was rare and different.

dude ive been trying to get my hands on an aussie steel track frame for like 5 months but when the smallest thing you can ride is 58cm and your always as broke as i am, these just seem to good to be true

i would kill for an Evans, bundy or perkins hand made frame, literally kill, but buying one of these just seem easier

nikcee has a bundy :evil:

Keep your eyes open. I ride 58 or bigger and have picked up a Hillman 531, Jim Bundy 531, Carlton 531, Pinarello & a Europa (technotrat) in the last 12 months or so. None more than $250.


i have the model up from that leader frame.


its ok…welds are a bit fat…not as tight geo as i thought it would…basically no toe overlap…

light…feels strong etc.

if you’re going to the states could you wait till you got there and buy bike bits when you do…or have someone stock pile parts for you to assemble…most of the cost is shipping rather than bits

uggghhh jealous.

yeah you have to trawl pretty hard but they are out there, i got a 58 hillman with headset, stem, drops, seatpost and saddle for $350

i’ll let you know if i see anything

Wow, 58cm Hillmans for under $400, I better keep looking then. :slight_smile: