Leader x Pedal Consumption - The Kagero

Apologies if already posted - couldn’t find anything via the search function. Looks pretty mad…

The Kagero

Leader Bike x PEDAL Consumption – The Kagero Fixed Gear Frameset | FreshnessMag.com

I will give you all my Money for one.

Same, wish I had held off buying my last frame another month!! These frames are very nice.

looking to update?

Fuck, they’ll accept anyone as a ‘team rider’ these days!

Nah, a friend sent it to me - thought the folks here may be interested…I hear some members used to ride fixed ;]

It would seem that as long as you have the ability to ride a bike you’re on the team. Best send in a short video showing off your best whip skids and you’ll get a free frame.

Back to the frame though, is there anything special about it? Looks like a 721tr with a longer ST to give it the negative sloping top tube.

looks alright, i’d prefer a cinelli mash bolt though

hey! I still do!
Next big fixed ride will be the next brewery ride…
p.s. that headtube ‘badge’ looks so much like the mash one

Shit, the pressure’s on.

I commented on one of Faz’s old videos saying if he was going to bother riding fast he should be clipless. Also told him to lower his saddle 2 inches. Got a reply a month later saying he had done both haha, at least he is learning.

tick, tick, tick…

next tell him to practise stopping in such a way that doesn’t remind me of a jack knifing road train.

I’m gonna call my lbs and order one tonight. Impulse KING.

Ooh maybe not, if gear Brisbane is the distributor. I’ll have to call them.
There goes my 20% discount. Maybe not feasible now.


are you saying that Benzy is a bad teacher?

i like the look of the bike, but was I ever reminded of the phantom menace when i watched the video!

(to be fair benzy’s whipskids are waaaaay better/wider/hectic)

All good and well to call someone out if you know them/about them but if you don’t its best keep it to yourselves. Faz is a good friend of mine and he has earnt his sponsorship on the Kagero team. Ridden with him on a few occasions along my travels and the kids got speed.

As for the Kagero itself. Shit is legit. I rode the prototype in Indonesia two months ago and rode the production last week. Kagero > Mash

I love the look of the bike and I never say anything like that.