Leaf Automatic

Tacked this together as a demo bike…

what skatepark is that?

I challenge a guess.


do i win ‘eternal glory’?

Guess I need to give you the bike now or something :wink:

that seat looks tiny!

Looks good, if I hadn’t already bought a new frame I’d be looking at one of these for sure. Any chance of some pics of the other frame’s built up?

The ‘other frames’, as in Automatic’s in different colours built up, or ‘other frames’ as in their other fixed frame ‘Gipsy’ ? If you do, here is one of the Gipsy… Haven’t seen any other Automatic builds, but Japan Kind are ordering them by the bucketload, so I guess we’ll see some soon(ish) - The Automatic only got to Australian shores a couple of weeks ago.

Cheers mate, yeah by other I meant the Gipsy.

both bikes look awesome.