Leaving cantis for calipers

The deal: Tiagra 4700 shakes and cross levers to TRP EuroX mag cantis.

The issue: any braking effect from the shakes is pretty much non-existent. Braking from the cross levers is OK, but not great, with a really big amount of force required on the levers. Sometimes it will squeal or chatter. Haven’t tried changing pads or a brace yet, cause just haven’t yet. I have the 4700 calipers that came with the groupset, debating about shifting over the Ken or the Clauxmont frameset and running calipers instead.

Why should/shouldn’t I? Hints, tips?

Sounds like a possible cabling issue combined with a poor canti setup issue, they should be fine with a good cable and setup

It was pretty crap with the previous Centaur V2 as well. Tried all sorts of straddle heights and such with no real improvement. The front hanger is pretty high, steerer mount is the only option.

mini vees

TBH i just did this, it was easier than trying to work out cantis

Its weird the braking from the brifters is shit though. Should be minimal impact which crosstops. Maybe the cable routing into/out of the cross tops is not great? I ditched them as well when I went mini vee on the old CX bike

Maybe so. Wonder if I will still get chatter on the fork with mini-V. Will scout the parts box, might have some. I do like the frame aside from the not-stopping thing.

It’s this one: Alan aluminium cross on velospace, the place for bikes

No hole in the fork for a hanger?

it’s possible, but less probable.

Here: $20/pr.

Upgrade the pads, get an adjustable noodle (or an inline barrel)

No fork hole. That would solve a few issues. Alloy crown, CF legs. Might see if I can spring for some mini-V.

That said, this thing won’t take guards of any sort, but the steel ones would, and give me more of a wet option.

Excuses to build, ahoy!