LED lights for winter

Saw this on the Torpedo7 specials email:

ROUTE 7 High Power P7 LED Headlight - Torpedo7

Is this a good deal? Looks okay, and it’s pretty cheap. Ayups are like 3x more expensive…

i just bought cygolite million. happy with it. can charge it via USB which is handy.

It’s the same light as the Magicshine P7 lights on Deal Extreme except it has the ROUTE7 logo on it (ROUTE7 developed jack shit, logo is an option when buying the minimum lot of 100 from the manufacturer) and it costs more (although you get aussie plug and warranty).
I’ve just started using the magicshine and it’s awesome. You can actually see shit at night.

how bright do you want to be hjb? your current light is brighter than most out there.

Being able to light up the road is kinda cool when you’re on a dark bike path

Amen to that. Just came in from my first night commute with my new ayups - have forgotten about the price already. Way better than my 10yrs old halogen cygo lites (still bloody good lights BTW but they run a motorcycle battery and take 12 hrs to charge for < 3hrs burn time)

I was tempted by the magic shine seen on evilbay, they’ve had pretty positive reviews in a couple of places. Very happy with the Ayups but I probably would have bought the one from T7 for the local plug and warranty if I’d known about it a fortnight ago.

The Magicshines are available in Australia under the Nitelights name. Exact same light but comes with an Australian charger, warranty and a helmet mount. They’re $220rrp and a fair number of bike shops should have them (although demand is high and stock is low at the moment).

They’re awesome lights for the money. Get one if you’re riding on the road, get two and you’re set for off-road as well.

We did some comparisons with a set of Ay-Ups and they blew them out of the water. Can’t go wrong for the price.

+1 for ayups

They’re actually reasonable value when you factor in run time and total brightness. Not really fair to compare them to lights putting out 100 lumen. I’m in warrnambool at the moment so seeing rather than being seen is the goal.

Also nice to be able to buy something Aus that is not outrageously priced for once.

The Magicshine/Nitelights are a 900 lumen light. They’re actually more like 600 lumens in the real world, but that still tears the top off the Ay-Ups.

I’ve never quite understood the passion and loyalty that the Ay-Ups seem to inspire in people. Maybe it’s the pretty colours.

Kind of curious about that, not sure I’d want drivers with burned retinas coming at me in traffic…

You can always mount it on your bars, angled towards the street a little. Or on your helmet and avoid shining it in peoples eyes. There’s also a second setting which halves the output, and a flashing mode.

Who blew who out of the water?

Edit - oh the Magicshines are better and cheaper… nice. I’m getting some then.

Yeah sorry, bit ambiguous there.

Ok, some retard tried to run me down tonight so i think i need stronger lights - that they were in a black car without their lights on doing a freakin u-turn… enough about that.
I was checking out the MagicShine lights on dealExtreme. Cheap and the reviews seem ok.
But how do you recharge the battery - the photos of the recharger shows different plugs to Aus ones and there doesn’t seem to be a USB charge option.

guessing its a US plug, which you should be able to get into the aus plug… just make sure its 240v compatible.

I bought a knog boomer for the front of mine and went for a night ride 2 nights ago along a pitch black path and it did the job… As sekt said… I just mounted it on my bars and angled it down a bit, worked a dream. Have to keep it on constant, personally I find flashing lights that bright to be really annoying for me, let alone motorists.

I do recommend that little light. It’s bright enough to use as a headlight without being dazzling. It’s got a solid build and I really can’t see it smashing into a thousand pieces after being dropped or lost in the depths of my bag (as many others have perished this way).

Doesn’t have a usb charger, but if you’ve got rechargeable batteries it’s really the same deal.

Got mine from the bay arrived in two days $120, they are the bomb. i cant believe ive been riding around with less light.

route 7 version on sale again…
ROUTE 7 High Power P7 LED Headlight - Torpedo7

yep, same as this:

DealExtreme: $77.04 HA-III SSC P7-C (SXO) 3-Mode 900-Lumen LED Bike Light Set

for the price difference, i’d probably just go with torpedo7. guessing better warranty, service and faster delivery (assuming they are not drop shipping).

I doubt it’d be any brighter than a vehicle’s headlights, and drivers handle them ok.