Legal advice

I understand I probably wont get too much help here and I will most likely get proper legal advice from a lawyer soon but wanted to know if anyone here could help.

last week I was at a music festival ‘planet cream’ and somehow got into an executive suite where some of my friends were. I didnt have a ticket to get in there and wanted to get back down to the main arena anyway. as I was leaving a security guard asked me where my ticket was and i said I didnt have one but was leaving anyway and wanted to get back out the front. he was cool with it and pointed me to the carpark and told me to walk back around the front which I did.

Got to the front door and security wouldnt let me in as he reckons I had been evicted. he called the original security guard who told me to go through the carpark and all he said was i shouldnt have been in the executive suite. after about 10 minutes of politely explaining why i thought i should be let in i realised I wouldnt be.

thought fuck it and bolted passed them because i paid $120 and it was early, i hadnt seen any of the acts I wanted too and they were being dicks. I got past 4 of them and faced one more guy but i tripped and they got the better of me.

Got taken out the front put into a paddy wagon and taken to the police station. I have a court date and am being charged with entering a premises after being evicted, disorderly conduct and evading police? I was never evicted from the premises, i left on my own accord but i dont think it really matters now. also dont understanding evading police because security just waited with me until the police came.

I had a completely clean record before so this is my first offence. I’m also 20 and a uni student if this makes any difference.

does anyone have a rough estimate of what will be the outcome? Will there be a good chance of getting a conviction?
i’m hoping for a fine with no conviction because I plan on moving overseas at the end of the year and hope this wont affect it.

i understand the stupidity of what I did, just would like to hear some reassurance that I wont face a conviction. Because its my first offense I am quite certain I wont be dealth with harshly. should I bother with a lawyer?

You need a lawyer, not an internet forum.


I think that’s the best advice you’ll get.