Legend listing of the day


yeah i bought this shirt and wore it and to this day i am ashamed. rapha is all that is wrong with cycling, middle aged blokes and idiots with beards getting around in $400 shorts with a black and white vintage camera crew following them in slow motion thinking that people care about their lycra and rapha’s pathetic manufactured history and helvetica font. i was going to use this shirt as a chain rag but then realized that there are some clowns out there who cant laugh at themselves (cycling is SERIOUS BUSINESS MATE) and will pay perfectly good money to look like a jerk. so here it is. a rapha jerk shirt size L. if you are even looking at this auction i probably hate you so please do not email me unless you have a decent question.

And this…

here are some 4 shaw socks that i bought. another purchase i am ashamed of but someone will probably pay money for them so im not gonna throw them out even though its bin night. they were fluro yellow but after one wash they are not particularly hi vis. high quality item that held colour for 4 hours. i hate 4 shaw socks mate they really are rubbish. dunno why everyone is getting into them, typical cyclists just do whatever all the other cyclists do. anyway you can buy these socks and wear them with the rapha shirt i am selling and look like the ultimate jerk on your bike.

More AlexB gold !!!


Hang on dosnt Alex ride an imported Canyon,
Meh I think if he was truly in caring hed ride a giant or Merida
I didn’t know rapha was made in size large

Selling to fund size XL?

XXXL, havent you seen the rapha london cafe video?

i am presently riding a $600 bike

I can feel an ironic purchase coming on. OK to pickup Mr B?

of course

my bad.

Yeah I won it!

Been skoolin’ any dingus’ on Look 695s?

We need more listings like this

someone paid $20 for my chain rag…

Link ? / photo ? I didn’t see it for sale

We have a new Legend of the day people!!

^ Fuck that’s hilarious…

they are eating pies in the future!!

mmmmmm future pies

Straight up legendary add.

Funny cause AlexB was spouting anti rapha hate over at WW

Now he’s selling the entire ‘Collection’…

[quote] alexb618 wrote:
road cycling is about attitude

Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.[/quote]

Actually AlexBs comments and reasoning for such comments were a bit on the lame side.