Lemond Zurich 853 54cm

Lemond Zurich racing bicycle | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Yokine

too small for me

Chimpy this is it…

woop woop! Cheers!

you beat me to this by literally 30 seconds :frowning:


Its been on there for a couple of weeks so you may be able to low ball.

I was trying to talk my bro into buying it

yeh, been up for longer than that, hes dropped the price a fair bit too, id say he’s motivated.

Nice work Chimp

ditto … them’s a nice ride.

Thanks guys,

The seller just sent me a series of high res photos to look over. While it’s well used and could do with a scrub up, everything looks good. I’ll consider it a bargain.

Won’t be so bargaineous once you’ve paid my finders fee…

not to mention the cost of upsetting k o…

a box full of chocolate coated hats should help her drown her sorrows