Lemontime does Melbourne (v2)

Time for another no-reason (apart from the roobaix, of course) Melbourne adventure! I’m gonna be in town from saturday afternoon until thursday morning. Would love to ride (drink?) with as many of you all as possible during my stay. I’ll definitely be along to the monday night and wednesday night rides, but if anyone wants to go for an enjoyable frollick around town at any given time just let me know.
If my accommodation plans don’t work out, can anyone suggest somewhere really cheap I could stay? Or if there is a couch or spare room available with anyone, I’m happy to pay in (what I think is) a fairly delicious pasta bake and/or liquid currency.
I propose 99 Problems on saturday night, because I don’t know any other places. Dylan will be there (I’m pretty sure!). Ride the Roobaix hungover, you know you want to.
Zero Four 30 352 697 if anyone wants to get in contact.

Ooh fuck I promised myself not to be hangover again for te roobaix this year…

As if you could say no to Harry and 99P though!!

I’m thinking of a 99 Problems meet up on Saturday as well. There’s like 8 or 9 of us from Adelaide.

Doing an early or mid week ride to Mt Macedon if any of you interstate folks are keen.

It’s a trap!

You’re also invited Kit!


Ooh fuck, Saturday night seems a go then. All the adelade types, plus the amazing lemontime!

Woo saturday! I’ll be at Southern Cross station at about 5:30 and building my bike up, if anyone wants to come keep me company / get food and drink somewhere.

I’m probs in depending how long it takes to build up Andy’s bike

Why can’t Andy build his own bike? He works in a bike shop!

Kumo cycles service, delivered in person n shit

Despite this, I might just swing by for a beer. Can somebody organise name tags?

I’m impressed with your service, as soon as I have the $$$ for a custom frame it’ll be going straight to you.

^ Why can’t you build your own bike? You work in a bike shop!

Touché Sir.

Sounds like a plan!

Hey, if you need a cheap + good place to stay. Definitely check out this place where I stayed on my awesome Melbourne adventure.

If you stay more than 3 nights they have a free airport pickup service too.

I’ve stayed there a couple of times, is indeed good