L'enfer du Northcote

For the fourth year running, it’s on again. The Hell of the Northcote.


If you’ve endured L’enfer du Northcote before, you’ll be doing it again. If you haven’t, do it this time.

Expect an entertaining ride of a lifetime and a chance to win prizes no matter how fast or slow you ride.

Can I take it out two years in a row? :evil:

maybe… will you be riding for Liquigas again?

Hmmm, not sure. I will find something suitably rude to wear though.

Rock Racing.

bottles n chains skinsuit.

primal wear…

bloc party tshirt, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck yeah! and get some of those fake tattoo arm warmers too!

Rock racing is up there aswell

I shall wear mine.

Scoff if you will - they make the errant dog walkers of Brighton jump out of my way.

you sad, sad man.

one set of those arm warmers is worth a helmet with 60 zipties


they’d jump higher if the tattoos were real. HTFU!

I’m talking Brighton, not Brunswick or Broady. I don’t want to get locked up :-D.
(besides, don’t real tattoos hurt?? what about henna tattoos - do they count?)

why don’t you ask chopper?

brighton people will call the cops if you look at the wrong let alone have tats. one of them nearly ran me over in a bmw the other day!