Lennie Rogers Track

Custom built Vintage Lugged Steel Track Frame | eBay

This is stunning!

Few photos of Lennie to make this more interesting

Lennie Rogers, a Malvern Star sponsored rider and one of Australia’s greats. He was champion track cyclist in the late 1930’s early 1940’s. He partnered none other than Oppy in the London Six Day in May 1937. Lennie became a bicycle builder and made some famously great bikes.

Just so, so nice…and I’m not talking about Lennie’s shorts.

I’ll be bidding on this then doing it a complete injustice in building it up.

(if i win)

will be bidding.
double aerospoke is gonna look SIQ on this!


double aerospoke is gonna look SIQ on this!

this is the most overused joke on this forum…Closely followed my the Mcbain one, but that’s funny…

i think even the mcbain one is getting a little dry.

not because i own one or anything =)

will be winning this.
that is all.

Its in my size range mmm but i must build the Harry Quinn first.
If this goes for less than $600 i recon you have a bargain i love it.
Theres some thing special about knowing the guys name that made your bike.

This is really nice.
I wouldn’t buy it, but I would like to look at it if someone here does.

bike’s hideous who would buy such a pile of junk

Went for a damn good price. Anybody on here?


Nice work. That frame’s a dreamboat

YEah but if he follows through with his coments above people will be forced to take action.

Yeah boy it was meant to be.
Thats a nice frame.

yeh stuen… what have you got planned?

This is my first build… Sorry if I can’t do your track-veteran-standards justice, however I will build it up with…

Suntour Superbe Pro Hubs laced to Araya Gold rims,
3t stem
Sugino Messenger crankset
Izumi chain
Cinelli Unicantor saddle
MKS Sylvan w/ MKS cages
I’ve got some nitto B201AA risers at the moment, but will probably switch to some drops.

Still looking for a seat post + a front brake

^ I’m predicting stuen to be the next jaseyjase/coffee/gypsy.

Every time someone builds a frame like this like that, a small peice of me dies.

I’m saddened that I cannot please you