Leonardo shoulda stuck to helicopters

I’ve heard about the NuVinci CVT, supposedly based on diagrams drawn by Leonardo daVinci. But I heard that their not particularly efficient in the transfer of power. I didn’t know they had made it through to production.

Italian Style Road Bike Chapelli Nuvince Continually Variable Drive Unique in Hamlyn Heights, VIC | eBay

Lot of money for an untested IHG.

hubs have been available for a while ATMO.
fucktacularly heavy
there was some bloke on here a while back waxing all rapsodic about them

here: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f9/building-my-first-fixie-would-like-advice-24434/

yes a bike with IGH is apparently a “fixie”

Best thing to come of the nuvinci hub:

From memory, the second generation one is considerably lighter. Not a totally stupid idea ATMO.

$1200 for a chappeli is insane, it could have a bloody perpetual motion power assist hub in it and it still it wouldn’t be worth $11.35