Lets talk Bags

I have 6 hours of internetting to do today, more bag pr0n please!

I have had my Medium Roll Top « roadrunnerbags for about two months now and it has served me well. It is slightly annoying, like all roll-tops, when full.

I just use a standard camo eastpack backpack, love them… too many bags have tons of pockets with zips that end up breaking.

and my first (and last) eastpack backpack busted it’s main zip within 3 months of ownership.

Love Freitag, expensive though: FRINGE | Backpacks | Fundamentals | FREITAG

Probably more for travelling, but One Planet gear is da bomb: Hitchhiker | One Planet Made in Straya, too.


Seriously you need to trawl this site.

Carryology | Exploring better ways to carry bags, wallets & more.

i’m about to buy a bag for a ride/tour across japan. this thread is relevant to my interests.

oo, when are you gonna be japan? I’m there (Fukouka) from Mid June.

(with a bike)

I’ll put in a plug for these guys… cactusclimbing.co.nz

My Zero has hit 11 years plus and still going, even with daily commuting. Built to last.

Online shop is NZ dollars too, for the win!

If Dave has made 1 there is a good chance there are more getting around - just ask him.

I have one of the small backpack (still coming on website) and it’s awesome. This size looks likes just what you are after.

Never owned one of their bags, but I do own some of their shorts. I second the build quality, strength and longevity. It is insanely awesome.

For what it is worth, I am working on another backpack, zip style. If you are interested I might throw together some sketches/photos over the weekend… While it won’t be waterproof, I can do custom versions…

I like bags. I want a new bag for no real reason. This thread is relevant to my interests yet most likely to be harmful to my bank balance.

Where abouts on the worldwideweb would I buy one of these?
My current Nike backpack hates torrential downpours, so looking for something more waterproof

Glad people are geeking out on this. I was trying to find a thread like this on FOA and I was surprised to not find one.


Gonna spend the remaining 4 hours reading reviews on bags I’ll never buy cause of how rad my BOGear ones are already.

Seriously, everyone buy an Elephantitus…


If only my work mate was Korean and not Chinese!
I’ll get the translator on the website when I get home.


1stly … get a rack/pannier etc

2ndly … Mission Workshop have an incredible range of products that I think are well above all others. Not cheap, but neither are strippers/coke … you getz what you pay for.

A work mate got one of their full size packs for work and he liked it, they’ll customiuse too i.e. more webbing here, straps here etc
And they are made in NZ and they have a good repair/warranty system