Level NJS 54.5cm


Is nice, have seen/ridden this frame in the flesh, looks great, love the NJS Sparkle. Rides beautifully too!

Grab yourself a bargain!


Me likes !!

Damn Marty’s selling it!

Yep! If I had the cash I’d buy it! It’s a really nice frame!!!

might put in a couple bids…


Who got it?!

that would be ME! woot!

to replace my samson track that had a headtube crack!

Fark! Nice buying

Very nice buying.

Very very nice buying. Nice win Jontay! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Great buying there!

Pity it’s just destroyed the market for Level frames though. I was about to sell mine.

who is mates with this seller? tell him for future reference to be an honest seller and not to lie

Do tell…

^^ Which bit did they lie about?

Edit: you gave positive feedback, I’m guessing the bottom bracket wasn’t NJS. :eek:

yeah it was my error to give positive as i didn’t thoroughly look at the frame when it arrived (i was too happy, what happens when u get something new)… pretty much to sum it up

prior to purchasing i asked if frame was 120mm spacing, he agreed so i bidded.

later on down the track when i sourced all my parts and decided to build up the bike, front and rear spacing was 110mm with 8mm axles…

i hit him up about it, he was cool to pay for the axle conversation kit and NOW - his done a runner and gone quiet

^ bummer.

looks like his going to make payment now … impressive what a firm message and this forum can do :slight_smile:

^ I thought that said firm massage at first…which would be a nice way to deal with ebay disputes.

^ Maybe this forum can fix your grammar too. I heard about the 110/120 dilemma, but that was all I heard, nothing about axle kits etc. Honest mistake I believe. I’ve bought many things off eBay that haven’t matched the description. A BB that was listed as the incorrect length, which was never resolved and now lives in my parts box wasting money, bikes with groupsets that dont function even though they were listed as doing so. As always, buyer beware.