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Not sure if this is the right thread to post this question to the brains of the nation…

Looking for a really REALLY nice chrome brake lever, to go on flat bar/riser on my new frame build up, running Campy front brake if that makes a difference.

Any ideas, please?

Get some Paul E Lever and polish them up? or just get the Dia Compe i think they come in chrome.

Not to cramp your thread or anything, but I’m also looking for a set of good quality brakes for risers to run with some road brakes (dual-pivot type). Any suggestions? Will standard V-brake levers work with road brakes? Or do I need to get special ones?

Yes. Standard V brake levers will work.


Okay thanks Des. But was there an issue with the differences in cable pull or something? If I can use Standard V brake levers that’s great because there are lots to choose from. What would you use out of interest (apart from Paul and other $$ types)?

V brake levers pull more cable but Blakey will tell you that you won’t get as much power (Can’t remember what the reason is). In real world situations, they work. Any quality MTB or BMX lever will do. I use Avids.


I’ve used a few different V brake levers (and CX levers) with dual pivot calipers and they all worked fine.

My favourites are the Avid SD7 levers.


Yeah, it’s all due to the amount of cable pulled and the resulting leverage (mechanical advantage). You can have high leverage and low cable travel or high cable travel / low leverage.

The only way to change the mechanical advantage is to change the length of the lever arms either side of the pivot.

Linear pull (vee) brakes have a longer lever arm on the brake itself which needs more cable pull and less leverage to work effectively.

But Des is right, it will work. I have used a linear pull lever on a dual pivot caliper and it worked just fine, especially as DP brakes already have much better stopping power compared to single pivots. There is less modulation though due to the increased pull.

CX interruptor levers tend be designed for cantis, which are the same ratio as calipers.

However I probably wouldn’t use a canti/drop lever with linear pull brakes, unless you have very true rims and run your pads very close to the rim, you’re likely to bottom out the lever before you can brake effectively. You can get travel agents or linear pull drop levers to fix this if required.

You can also solve the problem by buying the Avid levers that have adjustable cable pull.

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And to others, thanks for the info.

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