Levi's 'Commuter Series'

Levi’s Commuter Series

So Levis break into the lucrative hipster market

Am genuinely surprised it didn’t happen sooner

pretty sure they were already there…
i fail to see anything skinny about their “511 Skinny Commuter pants”

since before the word was, perhaps…

Looks like an annoying way to hold a D-lock, like it’d flap around all over the place. And like jams said, not much skinny about them?

Those 511’s look way baggier than the standard Levi skinny’s I own… Maybe 510’s as well. Or maybe it’s cause my thighs are like tree trunks…

awesome. I love my levi’s. only jeans I’ve owned that last 10 years (at least). 511’s are a good size too. They’re not too skinny but still look good. 510’s are crazy skinny. I recommend not riding a bike in anything skinnier than 511’s. 510’s are so tight they’ll pull your balls through your arsehole… unless you’re into that kind of thing.

I like the jacket, totes cool.

Yeah, they’re doing that wrong. It’s not supposed to be like this:

It’s supposed to be a holster like this, but built into the jeans, like this:

511’s are the style i buy now,so i’ll probably try some out. just wearing through the crotch on my oldest pair which would be maybe 1 year old, and worn everyday at least half that time. also fond of the double denim on cold nights, so the jacket is kinda tempting

60% of the time, I wore them all the time.

I wonder if that extra ass pocket is an inner pocket thing, like a front pocket, and if so would it get really hot and sweaty and annoying.
if not, i like it

I’m intrigued by these. Some interesting design features and it looks like theres some irregular WNRiders modelling them :wink:

Those were cool until I saw the ‘nappy’ style crotch.

yeah, that is ewwwww

urban outfittershave these for $78 plus 30 postage. i don’t think they’re available anywhere in australia right? i was thinking of getting a pair because i’m going to europe in february, and the waterproofing probably makes them a bit warmer then normal jeans.

I got a pair in LA in September. Awesome to ride in, the ULock holster is great, the back pockets are double lined so you don’t wear through as quick. I don’t know how much warmer they are, but they are pretty good.

The reflective stitching on the inside (seen when cuffed) is pretty neat as well.

I have 3 pairs my friend bought me from the States, The sizing was off between them of 3 pairs only one fits me well, the other too are a little too tight even though they are all the same size on the tag.

The size that does fit me though are one my my favourite pair if jeans to ride in because they are durable and repel water. I would recommend them but its hard buying them off the net due to sizing. They do stretch a bit so the pairs I have that are too tight I just try and wear riding every so often to loosen them up.

i want one of these…

So, general consensus is that they are worth getting? Would you wear them outside of riding as well?

I wear mine as regular jeans off the bike all the time.