Lezyne Floor pump head help

Just got a lezyne classic floor pump, I’ve no idea how to unscrew the head during high pressure as the head doesnt turn. As I force turn it there’s leakage of air and i’m guessing the valve stem is turning together with the head.

Using Presta side…

Try here… they may have a manual you can download.


Yeah dude. Same thing happened to me, with my Lezyne CNC. When unscrewing the head, it’d take the valve core right out of the valve. First, I tried the bike-shop I bought it from, and they were no help - left my number and had no help. Then sent an e-mail to Lezyne.com enquiring on how-to-buy a slip chuck (as the online checkout doesn’t work for non-usa addresses), but no reply. Then sent an email to the Lezyne distributor here in Aust, but no reply.

So with a busted old pump, and a new Lezyne, i figured out that it’d have to work with a little WD40 in the head and on the valve. It works.

WD40: loosens rusty bolts, fixes squeaky hinges, and cures arthritis. Is there anything it can’t do?

Did a search but no manual =/

I realise as I’m unscrewing the pump head I’m also unscrewing the valve core (learnt a new vocabulary today)

Edit after many attempts : The pump head seriously need some proper alignment to get it right. Finally get it to work without unscrewing the valve core. Didnt try the magical WD40 way but delicate fingers and some chuck and pull got it done. It is like a NASA space shuttle docking with the space station >_<