Light Tourer / Porteur Frameset - Recommendations?

Looking to build up a porteur style bike for a mate. Anyone have any recommendations of companies that are making a suitable frameset for <$800.

steel chromoly frame
tourer geometry
mounts rack and mudguards

canti brake mounts
threaded fork
700c wheels

(And does anyone know if 650b wheels are gonna prove to be a problem for finding tyres etc? Is it an antiquated size?)

Lastly, anyone with a suitable frameset thats in reasonable knick (approx 56cm seat tube / 58cm top tube), which they want to get rid of, should PM me.

seen the frames available from velo orange?

yeah thats what I’ve been looking at. Just wondering what other options there might be?

You could do a lot worse than a CrossCheck.
I have one I use for commuting (65km return) and everything else including some light touring. The current ones have lowrider front rack mounts too. Not lugged, doesn’t have a threaded fork.

Or yeh, there’s the VO bikes.
Talk to Blakey about 650b tyres: from what I understand the Grand Bois hetres are the ones to get, and I think you can get em at human powered cycles in Melburn, but am willing to be corrected.

Not HPC, Commuter Cycles carry a range of 650B stuff, including VO gear.

I have two wheelsets and 3 pr of Grand Bois tyres. Love em.

I have a Shogun Apline GT that fits all of the above. It was built for 27", but Blakey reckons you could do 700c on it.

I got my frame off ebay for about $100. If I was an arsehole, I’d sell it to you for $200 (it’s 57cm), but it’s not for sale. They do pop up now and then though.

Pm erle he may have something for you.

HMC has a cross check for sale that would mostly fit the bill.

James looks after his gear too so you know It’s been looked after.

You’ll find it in the complete bikes section

Cheers, will do.

Thanks guys.

erle has nothing for sale that fits this bill. NOTHING! *

*well he does, but i’m secretly saving for it.