Lightning Bolt Friday night

anybody go in thornbury?
Saw some bloke with a shirt that said I like bicycles, and there were a couple of fixies locked out the front.

easily the most intense thing on the planet

woulda been awesome if the gig started/finished at regular times so that when i rocked up at 11 LB weren’t already halfway thru their set.
and don’t get me started on the stupidity of playing on the floor and then asking everyone to calm down and move back.

they certainly sounded amazing though

the sydney show at the manning bar was great. massively great.

and the primitive calculators! holy shit! those old guys (and old girl) are so much more punk than any of the little kiddy punk bands these days. “cunt life”, “pumping ugly muscle”, “nothing”, “do that dance!” - so much fun.
grey daturas were awesome too, sad to hear it was their last ever sydney show.

still don’t get why lightning bolt were playing in sydney’s most bland, soulless venue, instead of a warehouse with all the lights turned out. at least the crowd was friendly, pretty relaxed really. i heard the melbourne gig was a bit rougher.

and yeah there were a few bike w/out derailleurs there.

i was there and so was user: Mckenny. that acounts for three of the fixies outside
sounded amazing, just wish they could have pulled it off on thursday as well, then it would have been one of those memorable musical moments. also regret not ditching my bag and pushing to the front, i started up off back, and there were too many people not melding with the speed of the sway so i ditched the crowd and went upstairs.

Fuck, I came in here expecting to see some wicked photos of a lightning bolt or something… :frowning:

On that note, it wasn’t long after moving to Brisbane that after polo one Sunday I made my way over Highgate Hill during one of the most intense storms I’ve ever witnessed. This was part of the series of storms that fucked up The Gap. There I was on a bike with a couple of polo mallets sticking out the back, moving at the best pace I could given the wind and rain and a motherfucking lightning bolt comes crashing down no more than 50m away from me. So close I could feel the hairs on my arms twinge. True story.

Sorry about the hijack… continue…

If Lam and McKenny both ride their fixed gear bikes to the lightning bolt show, how many of Lam’s and Mckenny’s fixed gear bikes will be locked up outside the lightning bolt show?!

haha LAM is serious about his riding

missed out due to a friends bux night but im sure mini golf, tepenyaki strippers and endless booze kind of compares…and no all those things didnt occur in the same venue

teppanyaki strippers? I’m intrigued by this concept.

Saw lightning bolt last night in bris. truly awesome.

was a great show alright - thrash metal for the non-metal crowd. And by the time everyone was going home it seemed like every signpost out the front had at least one fixie on it…

It’s kinda funny that the primitive calculators are probably busier now than they ever were in the 80’s… Some friends of mine used to play with em back then and from the stories I’ve heard they’re the real deal!

melbourne has reached saturation point in terms of available bicycle parking in several areas.

They’re playing in Adelaide on Friday night with Robotosaurus and Bronze Chariot.

I’m intrigued to see what the crowd will be like.

robotosaurus! do want
primitive calculators were shit