Lights - flashing +/- superbright and unshaped = dumb

I’ve said this plenty of times before, but I find flashing bike lights to be really friggin annoying. Maybe I’m more sensitive to it than some, but they’re so offensive riding towards them or stopped behind them at traffic lights, especially those stupid actual strobe ones. A reasonably bright, constant/fixed, shaped beam is plenty to keep you seen, and perfect for seeing where you’re going.

Here’s a blog post that popped up about it yesterday.

That’s what I think anyway. StVZO or die.

yeah I freaken hated it when I was in Melbourne and used to commute ‘the wrong way’ – from the CBD out to the suburban South East.

Dorks with their blinders

Agreed. I reckon Aussie law will change in the near future- it needs to.

It needs to, but I reckon this wouldn’t even be on the lawmakers/standards radar.

I’m in love with my flashing lights.

Liam, you’re wrong, and we have a team of beardos working around the clock to prove it.


I couldn’t give a shit if people like them or not. I ride 90 mins a day through trucking lanes and logistics parks in pitch black.

The point is not that some people don’t like them, but that the flashing blinders (and blinders in general) probably aren’t making you any safer.

I rode with my Edelux in proper dark for the first time last night. It was very nice.

Yeah, riding with a proper shaped beam is awesome. Even better with a dynamo.

In addition to confusing drivers of your whereabouts, flashing bike lights have been shown to have a negative impact on people with photosensitive epilepsy. It is hard to find documented cases of bike lights causing seizures. But according to the Intractable Childhood Epilepsy Alliance, “There have been cases where red flashing lights (red light emitting diodes) on the back of bicycles have triggered seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, when they have been close to the lights as they were setting them up,” though it doesn’t cite specific incidents. Halley Weaver, a Portland cyclist with photosensitive epilepsy says that flashing bike lights make her nauseous.

Well I’m sold, my crappy Knogs are going in the bin tonight.

yeah, does this thread include my 80 lumen front, 45 lumen rear knog blinders Pete?

realy, Roly, realy.

I use a Knog Blinder. The front is flashing and steady beam (two lights) pretty much all the time. It also points slightly downwards and is mounted on a front rack. My rear light is an Infini. I use that flashing. I don’t “feel” visible with steady beam lights, but maybe I review my procedures.

I use a rear Knog Blinder on flash mostly so the battery lasts longer

i have this. on the way home city bound is the worst. jerkoffs with bond villain-esque solar cannons attached to their helmets blasting straight into your face on a winding narrow path with other jerks constantly overtaking each other into your oncoming lane. i have a very expletive filled commute. any light is fine, as long as you point them down, not into my face.

Helmet lights are only for MTBing

TC: my rear light is on slow flash mode most of the time cos battery life.

Maybe we should ride around with mirrors to reflect back their insane brightness.