Lightweight touring

Interesting read.

I like the idea of only carrying cold food, saves a fair amount of space in cooking gear.

He sounds a little loopy though…

In my recent trips (India, Alps, Australia, …) I experimented a bit with a “no-map” approach. What I did was to make notes of the towns, directions, distances and road numbers, all on a small card (10x6 cm) which I plastified and wore in the back pocket of the cycling jersey. It saved me a little weight (~50 g)

but by the sound of it, it works for him

This pretty much sums it all up:

I am not against the combination of sandals and waterproof socks either. Right now I am experimenting with the “crocs” (340 g a pair).

reminds me of a blog i saw where the guy went touring on a brompton or something weird and didn’t take a towel but used a credit card to scrape off water after swiming/washing.

also; that kickstand weighs at least 100g

^ haha. noooooope.

won’t be reading that then.

A compass and altimeter? What, is he from the 1940’s?

needs a sextant

This guy sounds like a kook.

Wrong thread, Captain

dude has 1kg of tent but can’t carry a fkn towel!?

Credit card touring, not just for paying for the room…

Wouldn’t the kickstand be one of the 1st things to go?

Compasses fucking rule. Can get anywhere with a compass, a map and half a brain.

As if he’s going to carry around a wall to lean his bike on!

If there’s one thing that both Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Southpark taught me, it’s Don’t Forget To Bring A Towel.

I haven’t needed a compass since I was bushbashing in the army. For riding on the road with a map, using the sun to get a rough bearing is more than sufficient

I might do a kickstarter for a kickstand mount that uses a tent pole… Imagine the weight savings

I think something similar has been done. Dude made crabon fribe kickstands…


Sure there was another one that was like a collapsible tentpole that used the top tube as the support point…

I agree, having done heaps of off track walking where a compass is a necessary backup to a GPS, I don’t think you need one on roads, you should be able to figure out where you are using a map alone.

Also in Germany/France I reckon you could get by with just a big map of the whole country and just follow bike path signs.

There is an urban legend that you can ride thru Europe just following chemtrails to major cities.

I’ve made one that is zero grams, its only $20.
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