lightweights - track hub spaced 130mm $500!

PACC • View topic - Fixie/SS wheels: Lightweights carbon clinchers $500

can help with collection if an interstater wants to buy

Holy shit. What’s the catch i wonder? Damnnnnn.

The bit where they say, “these wheels have some issues.”

Like a horrible logo/typeface?

Confusing- the seller says:

Near perfect condition.

And then:

These wheels have some issues

WTF? They can’t be both


These wheels have some issues

They were such a nice wheelset, then late nights at the velodrome turned into road time trials. The last we heard they were on a street corner offering random passer-bys if they would like to shave a few seconds off their commute.

The issue is that they are track wheels spaced 130

Perfect for your SSCX frame.